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AMAN-Transparency Palestine

AMAN was established in 2000 as a civil society organization that seeks to combat corruption and promote integrity, transparency and accountability in the Palestinian society.  The Coalition was first formed by an initiative from a number of civil society organizations working in the field of democracy, human rights and good governance. In 2006, the Coalition was accredited as a national chapter for Transparency International.

AMAN is a Palestinian think tank and a specialized body providing knowledge on corruption at the local and regional level through producing specialized reports and studies.  The periodic publications include: The annual Integrity and Anti-Corruption Report, the annual Palestinian Integrity Index and the National Integrity System studies and reports, in addition to the Coalition's continued contributions to produce reports and studies on the status of corruption in the Arab region.

As part of the global anti-corruption movement - and of international alliances and partnerships with relevant specialized coalitions and organizations - AMAN plays a key role in the transfer and contextualization of necessary international knowledge and tools to combat corruption in all sectors.





A Palestinian society free of corruption


Mobilize efforts to promote integrity and combat corruption

Strategic Objectives
  • Strategic Objective 1: Strengthening the integrity, transparency, accountability, and the anti-corruption system in the management of public funds and affairs and services provision.
  • Strategic Objective 2: Promoting integrity of the governance system and holding the political class accountable concerning their decisions for public interest.
  • Strategic Objective 3: Promoting community mobilization in support of anti-corruption efforts and holding power to account for the common good.
  • Strategic Objective 4: Develop the institutional and organizational performance capacity of AMAN to meet its mission, vision, and partnership relationship at national, international and Arab levels.
Work Strategies
  •   Adopting a positive, participatory approach with the various partners from the public and civil society sectors
  •  Focusing on the causes, manifestations and devastating effects of corruption
  •    Adopting an independent, non-biased and professional approach in the implementation of our activities
  •  Encouraging public participation in activities that combat corruption and promote an environment of anti-corruption
Coalition Member
  • Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy – Miftah
  • Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy – Muwatin
  • Al- Mezan- Center for Human Rights
  • Palestinian Trade Center – Pal-Trade
  • Faisal Husseini Foundation
  • Social Developmental Forum (SDF)
  • Number of individual activists in the field of good governance and combating corruption
AMAN’s Resource Center

The center provides local and regional studies, surveys, research and projects dealing with corruption, in addition to other international resources. The center serves AMAN’s coalition members and staff, researchers, decision makers, university students, the local community and the Palestinian public as a whole.

AMAN Membership in Regional and International Networks

1. UNCAC Coalition

2. No Impunity Task Force Campaign

3. Affiliated network for social accountability (ANSA)

4. Arab Parlimantarians Againist Corruption (ARPAC)

5. Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET)

House of Expertise and Continuous Learning

Aman adopts a sustainable strategy aims to build its capability in the field of combating corruption as a local house of expertise, and it contributes in transferring and exchanging its experience with other chapters of transparency international in the different countries and especially in the Arab Region to end up corruption in the governments, business society and civil society.

Affiliated Pressure Networks
  • NGO’s Against Corruption
  • Journalists for Integrity and Transparency
  • Palestinian Parliamentarians against Corruption
  • Friends of the United Nations Convention against Corruption
Annual Activities
  • National Accountability Day: The National Accountability Day ensues a set of trainings delivered to young people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Training has a focus on the concepts and tools of accountability. To apply the training themes they have learned on the ground, youths hold accountability sessions, which address priority issues of society in general, and the youth in particular. Issues are rolled out in consistence with the geographical distribution of each area, where the youth live. This helps participants to carry out in-depth research into, understand, and analyse these issues. The youth compile concept papers on the issues selected to be the focal points of accountability sessions, which are held at a later time. As many as 40-60 accountability sessions can be organised simultaneously in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In these sessions, officials and duty bearers are held to account for the issues in focus. The youth address questions to officials and actors, who provide answers. At the end of each session, promises are made by officials to resolve the issues at hand. Alternatively, recommendations and joint mechanisms are elaborated to resolve the issues in question.

The National Accountability Day is organised in keeping with the belief of the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) and its partners in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that the youth need to engage in the anti-corruption effort, oversight of public financial management and public administration, and promotion of community accountability. This is all the more necessary due to inactive Palestinian Legislative Council as well as poor formal accountability and oversight of public administration.

  • National Integrity Festival: AMAN organises an annual festival on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day, which falls on 9 December of every year. AMAN honours the champions of integrity, who refuse to be involved in, and report, incidents of corruption. Receiving Integrity Awards, these champions make efforts to detect corruption and contribute to punishing and preventing impunity for corrupt individuals. Results of the competition for the Integrity Awards are announced in the annual National Integrity Festival. AMAN presents an award to public servants and local government unit staff who reject, report cases of corruption, and take the initiative to promote integrity in public institutions. In addition to an award for the best research paper that addresses cases of occupation, AMAN offers the Shireen Abu Akleh Award for the best investigative report on corruption cases.
  • Integrity School: The Integrity School serves as a public space for Palestinian young people, enabling learning, capacity building, and exchange of experiences among these youths. Focusing on the concept of community accountability, the Integrity School promotes the youths’ role in the oversight of public administrative and public financial management (PFM). It is a youth summer school that is modelled on the scout movement. In partnership with a group of civil society organisations, the Integrity School was held for the first time in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 2017. Organised twice a year, 13 classes of the Integrity School were in place between 2017 and 2022 in both areas. In some years, three school sessions were organised. The Integrity School promotes the concepts of volunteerism, teamwork, analytical thinking, and constructive criticism. The school pays attention to enhancing leadership skills, helps the youth analyse the current situation and factors that influence it, and supports youths’ ideas to develop perceptions on practical initiatives for community accountability.
  • Public Budget Conference. The Civil Society Team for Enhancing Public Budget Transparency organises an annual Public Budget Conference. The conference presents and discusses the PFM current context and relevant issues. It highlights several areas that can serve as a source of increased revenues. In addition to spending control, the conference deliberates a range of issues central to PFM governance.
  • Annual Report Launch Conference: In an annual conference, AMAN provides a review of the Annual Report on Corruption. Monitoring corruption in Palestinian society, the conference aims at assessing the progress towards combating corruption, effectiveness of anti-corruption legislation, processes and measures, and political will to hold accountable persons suspected of acts of corruption. Information for the report is collected and analysed through AMAN’s Local Integrity and Transparency Index in the Public Sector. It is also premised on opinion polls, research papers, and reports compiled by AMAN throughout the year.
  • AMAN Annual Conference: AMAN holds its conference on a regular basis. Every year, the conference casts light on a set of topics, which are selected on the grounds of AMAN’s strategy, public policies, and public interest. Over the past two years, AMAN annual conference focused on political corruption and integrity.
  • Annual Conference of the Civil Forum for Promoting Good Governance in the Security Sector: Organised regularly, this annual conference aims at promoting community accountability for functions of the security establishment. It addresses security sector governance, guarantees of good governance, and the rule of law. It highlights key problems that require policy and procedural interventions by relevant actors. The conference contributes to strengthening the values of integrity and principles of transparency in operations and procedures of security establishment.


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