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Marwa Abo Odeh

MA Economic Developments – Islamic University 2015/ Prepared research in “The Effect of Governance Indicators and Corruption on Tax Revenues-Econometrics Case Study on Palestine 1996-2013”.

BA Business Administration - Finance and Banking Sciences 2006

Tajaawob Project Coordinator - Gaza I consider that my role in Tajaawob is a humanitarian work where it varied program and have many activities to focuses on marginalized areas that is the poorer in Gaza and I work in this it Moghraqa & Malalha village.. "I feel proud when my work contributes to improving the quality of life for the people in Moghraqa and Malalha by raising them aware, capacity building of the community representatives by workshops, determine their needs, priorities and advocate them to solve general problems in their communities by dial with authority and social accountability tools.

Marwa is the programme coordinator for Tajaawob for the Coalition for Accountability & Integrity -AMAN. She worked on a projects coordinator at Transparency International Palestine’s office in Gaza. Marwa manages youth initiatives, institutions initiatives, activities of municipalities and Public Shareholding Companies on AMAN Gaza Sectors, which aims to engage communities at a grassroots level with decision-makers in the culture of anti-corruption.  Marwa was educated at Islamic University and having a master degree in Economic Developments. And is a citizen of Gaza strip of Palestine.

Marwa has been working for AMAN's Gaza office since April 2010. She working as project coordinator, she was worked as an administrative assistant on the project "Enhancing the effectiveness of an independent judiciary & empowering the civil society's monitoring role on the judiciary". She is responsible for the coordination of the activities relating to this project. Marwa previously worked for different local NGOs as a  workshop facilitator and project coordinator.

Email: [email protected]

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