Board of Directors

Tareq Zomlot

He possesses a master’s degree in law and public administration, complemented by a bachelor’s degree in economics and administrative sciences. In addition, he holds a diploma in oversight and auditing of government institutions from the esteemed General Personnel Council, alongside a government quality certificate focusing on the comprehensive oversight of institutions and associations.

Currently, he is diligently engaged in the preparation and discourse of his doctoral thesis in Khartoum, which centers on the critical domains of Organizational Behavior and Administrative Corruption within the government sector.

Beyond his academic pursuits, he is an active participant on numerous boards of directors for foundations and charitable societies. His dedicated involvement in these entities underscores his commitment to effecting positive change in the societal landscape.

His professional journey encompasses roles of significant impact, including serving as the operational coordinator for the World Food Program (WFP). Moreover, he has demonstrated his comprehensive expertise as a general observer of charitable, civil, and international relief institutions and societies.

His expertise is particularly prominent in the realms of public budgets and the intricate nuances of tax evasion. Furthermore, his focus on combatting corruption, stemming from inadequate adherence to public budgets, underscores his dedication to upholding the highest standards of governance and financial integrity.


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