Civil Society Team for Enhancing Public Budget Transparency

 Civil Society Team for Enhancing Public Budget Transparency


About the CSTPBT

Aman has worked to establish a civil team to support the transparency of the public budget, representing a number of Palestinian sectoral civil organizations, namely: Aman Foundation, Miftah Foundation, Center for Democracy and Workers ’Rights, Hydrology Society, Creator’s Teacher Center Development work - together, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, the Federation of Food Industries, the Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry, the Palestinian Federation of Local Authorities, the Network of NGOs, the Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS), the Law Center Ah Civil Society Development, a forum of intellectuals Charity Association, Conscience Foundation, Al-Haq, the Institute of Development Studies) Birzeit (University, Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and the Jerusalem Center for Social Rights and the Economic Commission national civil organizations Palestinian, as well as some economic experts.

AMAN performs secretarial work for CSTPBT, through providing logistical and technical support to it in light of insufficient and unstable financial capabilities. AMAN invites for CSTPBT meetings and prepares the agenda of meetings and minutes, in addition to any papers and documents related to the public budget, working as a bridge between the team and the official authorities, presided by the Ministry of Finance. With the vital support of AMAN, CSTPBT team participated in a number of training workshops to build their capacity in the public budget field.

The CSTPBT team believes in the urgent need of informing the citizens about the public budget to participate in its preparation, in order to be able to hold it accountable and follow up the management of government spending and public money. To achieve this goal and before approving the budget of 2011 specifically, the CSTPBC team submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Finance & Planning, requesting the adoption of the citizen’s budget, which is one of the basic elements that guarantee the transparency of the public budget. Indeed, the Ministry adopted the proposal and instructed to manage the public budget in cooperation with the CSTPBT team in this field. The citizen’s budget was issued for the first time in Palestine during the year 2011, and it was developed to become the citizen’s guide during the year 2013 where the national team will work to raise the awareness on it. Moreover, Aman succeeded recently in convincing the Council of Ministers of the need to involve civil society organizations to cooperate with the ministries in discussing annual budgets before submitting them to the Cabinet for approval.

Specialized sub-committees were formulated from the members of the CSTPBT, focusing on three-main essential sectors (Health, Education, Social development).  Each sub-committee has a leading organization that is in charge of it.

Aman will work in the future to establish the monitor unit, which will be specialized in following up on all issues related to the public budget, thus creating a reference for all interested citizens, researchers and various institutions.


Members of the CSTPBT

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC

The Democracy and Workers' Rights Center

The Agricultural Development Association The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy – MIFTAH The Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)
The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center- JLAC  Teacher Creativity Center

Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights 

Al-Haq Center

MA'AN Development Center

Intellectual's Forum Palestinian National Institue for NGO Palestine Goernance Institue The Federation of Palestinian chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture  the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) 
Health Work Committee

The Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem- ARIJ

Al-NAYZAK Organization


Al-Hadath Newspaper
NGO Development Center- NDC Bisan Center for Research and Development


Qader for Community and Development


Institue of Developmental Studies (IDS) Bunyan Association for Community Development
PINGO Social Developmental Forum (SDF) Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) Filastiniyat Organization The Palestinian Center for Democracy for Conflict Resolution
The Palestinian Intitute for Communication and Development

The Palestinian Federation Of Industries (PFI)

ِArab Center for Agricultural Development  El-EQTESADIA Newspaper Academics, journalists and economic analysts
Aman- Executive Secretery 
































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