Integrity Awards

Integrity Awards

Since its establishment in 2000, AMAN has been encouraging Palestinian society to join the fight against corruption. Offering hope to all resilient people, AMAN furnishes a free forum for those who speak loud and hold the banner of integrity to announce rejection of, report and detect corruption and the corrupt.  
Hence, it is the duty of AMAN to honour these champions in a national ceremony in appreciation and recognition of their efforts to report corruption, prosecute the corrupt, refuse to engage in corrupt practices, develop investigative reports that lay bare corrupt actions, write focused research on the state of anti-corruption, implement initiatives to promote integrity and fight against corruption. 

 The Integrity Award comprises of four categories that target both individuals and institutions: (1) Integrity Award for the Public Sector and Local Government Units; (2) Integrity Award for the Best Focused Research on the Fight against Corruption; (3) Integrity Award for the Media Sector; and (4) Integrity Award for Civil Society Action. A couple of years ago, the Integrity Award was extended to cover new categories. New awards included the Integrity Award for the Best Accountability Media Show; Integrity Award for the Best Initiative Adopted by a Public Institution to promote integrity and transparency in respective procedures; Integrity Award for Transparency in Local Government Units that implemented measures to consolidate transparent operating procedures and public service delivery; and Integrity Award for Civil Society Organisations that included anti-corruption activity on relevant programmes of actions, strategies, and procedures.

AMAN has a technical committee for each section of the integrity award, where its members hold periodic meetings to review and develop the criteria of each award. Each committee review and examine received applications, assessing whether relevant criteria and requirements are fulfilled. Sometimes, it goes further where field visits are made to applicants. Correspondences are also exchanged with certain government bodies to double check the accuracy of information. Each committee develop a report on work progress throughout the year. The report covers the nomination of candidates for the award and introduction of nominees to the Jury. Members of the Jury include legal persons and community figures with longstanding credibility, professionalism, and integrity. The Jury holds an annual meeting to examine and review committee reports and decides to present the award on the entitled persons.

Press release on the Integrity Awards for 2019, please click here

Apologies for your disturbance. Terms and conditions for each section of the Integrity Award are only available in arabic language. 

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