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AMAN appreciates the government's reform decisions and stresses the need to follow up on their implementation

AMAN appreciates the government's reform decisions and stresses the need to follow up on their implementation

AMAN appreciates the government's reform decisions and stresses the need to follow up on their implementation

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity - AMAN appreciated the decisions issued by the Council of Ministers during its last session held last Tuesday 23/04/2024, which require the adoption of financial and administrative reforms and measures to rationalize government spending. Most of these decisions reflect the current government's adoption of previous recommendations of the AMAN Coalition, contained in its fifteenth annual report (The Reality of Integrity and Anti-Corruption 2022) and its special reports related to managing public funds and fronting the current financial crisis. At the same time, AMAN stressed that these important decisions require more efforts to follow up on the commitment of all public institutions to them, and to develop a clear plan for their enforcement and mechanisms to monitor implementation, integrity and accountability.

AMAN expressed its readiness to hand over all its reports and studies to the Council of Ministers, and to cooperate with the various competent authorities, to inform them of AMAN and civil society's perception of reform mechanisms, specifically in the areas of enhancing integrity in the management of public affairs and funds and combating corruption.

In its fourth session last Tuesday, the Council of Ministers adopted, the recommendations proposed by the Standing Ministerial Committee for Reform, which were determined by approving the tasks of the ministerial committee and its work plan, and the areas and sectors of reform. 

The identified areas for reform encapsulate 10 overarching dimensions: the advancement of governance principles, transparency, accountability, and the combatting corruption; the enhancement of the justice sector and the fortification of the rule of law; the promotion of democracy and human rights; the augmentation of efficiency and competencies within the public sector; reforming the security sector and fostering civil peace; the enhancement of service quality, notably within healthcare and education; reforming the public finance management; the amelioration of local governance sector; the integration of digital transformation across productive and service-oriented sectors; and the revival and development of the economic sector.

Furthermore, the Council of Ministers has endorsed several measures pertaining to reform, alongside financial and administrative procedures aimed at streamlining expenditure across government departments. It has charged department heads with immediate and comprehensive implementation of these directives, without exception. 

The AMAN coalition stated that these axes will require the development of government public policies in the economic and social facets, including implementation of the social security and the universal health insurance systems and reducing economic dependence on the occupation. AMAN also stressed that "the magnitude of the challenges facing our Palestinian people requires the fair distribution of burdens, as well as strengthening partnership and openness between the government and civil society."

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