About AMAN

The Civil Forum to Promote Good Governance in the Security Sector

The Civil Forum for Enhancing Good Governance in the Security Sector was established as an initiative by AMAN Coalition in participation of a number of relevant civil society organizations wishing to coordinate their efforts in the field of accountability and social oversight of the security establishment’s commitment to law, and within efforts to enhancing the principles of transparency and accountability systems in public work.
The establishment of the forum stems from the concept of comprehensive security and the importance of providing a safety network for society, institutions, sectors and individuals.

The forum aims to contribute to the development and the establishment of the Palestinian national strategy for the security sector in Palestine, by developing communication and open mechanisms between civil society and the security establishment and by promoting citizen's right to access to information in relation to what  the security establishment does within the law.

The forum includes the following institutions: Al-Haq Organization, the Palestinian Initiative for Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH), Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights(ICHR), Treatment and rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture)TRC), The Palestinian Center for Research and Strategic Studies, Birzeit University- Law Institute, The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center) JLAC(, The Center for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights )Hurryyat( , Human Rights and Democracy Media Center) SHAMS) Forum’s Coordinator, and Coalition for Integrity and Accountability (AMAN)- Forum’s Secretariat.


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