Executive Directorate

Belal Barghouthi

Legal Advisor - Part Time
LLM - Birzeit University 2005

Belal works as a legal adviser for AMAN since 2009 and offers legal advice regarding the complaints of ALAC.
He previously worked at the Center for Democracy and Workers Rights for a period of two years, as a lawyer and coordinator of the Law Unit, and worked in the Legislative Council for a period of ten years as a legal adviser to the Economic Commission. He is currently also active as exterior legal counsel, lecturer and coach for a number of public institutions as well as experts in legislative drafting. Furthermore, he is also engaged as an activist in the field of human rights and has published several books, such as: "The Right of Access or Free Access to Information"; "Discrimination in Public Office"; "Labor Disputes and the Palestinian Judiciary"; "The General Administration of Public Institutions"; "Non-Ministerial, Critical Review of the Decision of the Law on Money Laundering".

Email: [email protected]

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